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About Me

A good music instructor can teach you how to make an instrument come alive in your hands. They know the technique to get the best sound and will be able to guide you vital music skills, such as reading notes, understanding sheet music, sight-reading, and playing with technique.

At Classical Piano Lessons, I offer nothing less. Whether you are an adult looking for adult piano lessons or want to sign your children up for kid's piano lessons, I am a qualified music teacher who can guide you to success. I have had experience working with students of all levels and skills, from beginners to real experts. No matter who I'm teaching, I thrive on seeing my students grow and develop as they learn and discover what they can achieve.

Working in the music industry for over 30 years has allowed me to share and guide my students to musical discovery. I strive to give my students the pleasure of showing off their musical abilities to the world. If you are interested in piano classes, give me a call at (954) 630-9519. I offer studio lessons, and I provide quality in-home piano lessons in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. We can go over the details and set up your first lesson today!

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